» Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns

NOW I KNOW WHY! ughhhh

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» the world is an egg and i am no longer afraid to make an omelette
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I thought that I should just put them together _(:3>L)_
Rin’s and Haru’s versions were made on august (is why the others look kind of different, I didn’t have time to redraw rin and haru orz).

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Forget the Myers-Briggs fucking personality assessment. I am dead tired of hearing if someone is an INFP or an ESLQ or whatever. I want to know if someone is melancholic or choleric. Bring back the four humors. I wanna see “Kaley, 16, phlegmatic” when I go to someone’s blog. Who is with me. Lets make this happen

here's a test i found. go wild, y'all. (im choleric.)

What the fuck who cares though

Your temperament is melancholic. The melancholic temperament is fundamentally introverted and thoughtful. Melancholic people often were perceived as very (or overly) pondering and considerate, getting rather worried when they could not be on time for events. Melancholics can be highly creative in activities such as poetry and art - and can become preoccupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world. Often they are perfectionists. They are self-reliant and independent; one negative part of being a melancholic is that they can get so involved in what they are doing they forget to think of others.

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Australian Photoset #5


LiberTea photoset #6

Battle Of the Countries #4

Canada photoset #3

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I just tried to discretely use one if the body sprays at work cuz it was called Fantasy Forest and I was like…. I’m down…. BUT IT JUST SMELLS LIKE REALLY STRONG DIRT AND A GUY YELLED “WHO SPRAYED THAT FOREST ELF SHIT” FROM ACROSS THE STORE

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i’m just going to leave this here

america can’t come to terms that they’re biggest human rights violators in the entire world.

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this is for all the girls who are big girls that don’t have a skinnier middle than their butt and thighs 

the ones whos bellies hang over their underwear

who’s waist size is thicker than their shoulders, butt, or anywhere else on their bodies

who’s boobs are bigger than their butts, they have curvy lumps on their backs, muffin tops, chicken legs, thick arms and smaller bodies, no boobs, no butt, all middle, whatever.

you’re loved too. don’t forget that.

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you dont just play the sims. you go on a sims binge for three days straight then put the game down for 5 months